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Professional Filter Service

Heating and cooling your facilities can account for the largest portion of your electric bill. Research indicates that HVAC operating costs can be reduced up to 36% when air filters are changed out regularly. Clean HVAC equipment does not need to work as hard to heat or cool your facilities.

Systematically changed HVAC filters can also save equipment downtime or prevent minor problems from becoming a major repair.

Regularly scheduled air filter replacement service using high efficiency filters, is available through Dayton Reliable Filter. By taking advantage of this energy savings opportunity, you'll also save time spent buying, storing, installing and disposing of filter elements.

Why you need an air filter replacement service

Dayton Reliable Air Filter is a regional provider of air filter change out service.
We cover the states of Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin. We do our own work with certified service technicians.
Our people get to know your facility and personnel. We work with you to insure you are using the right product and changing your filters on the right schedule.

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