Merv 13 Green Pleat Filters

MERV 13 Green Filter

About the MERV 13 Green Pleat Filter

As a facility manager, two major responsibilities are paramount in relation to filtration systems; providing clean air for the facility and reducing the operating budget.

Traditionally, managers have focused on reducing the purchasing price of filtration components to achieve a cost savings. However, the lowest operating cost levels can be realized by focusing on energy usage costs. In addition, inefficient filtration products directly undermine a manager's primary responsibility of clean facility air, and bring into question the indoor environment quality (IEQ).

Going Green, LEED Criteria

This filter is specifically designed to meet the air filtration efficiency criteria required to gain points toward certification in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building rating system. Most air filters reaching MERV 13 high efficiency levels require greater depth design allowing immediate installation with absolutely no modification to existing equipment. Simply replace the existing lower efficiency pleat or disposable air filter with the Green Pleat filter upgrade and the system to the LEEDs required MERV 13 level.

The MERV 13 Green Pleat Filter is constructed with an advanced synthetic air media that utilizes both charged fibers and traditional mechanical filtration principles. The charged fibers allow the Green Pleat Filter to achieve MERV 13 levels upon installation and immediately grab and trap airborne contaminants. The resulting dust cake then enhances the mechanical principles of the filter allowing for high levels of filtration during the entire life cycle.