Polyester Filter Media

Polyester Filter Media

Our polyester filter media is high quality and available in a wide range of styles including rolls and pads. Rolls are offered in any size slit widths and pads are cut to your exact dimensions.

Our polyester filter media is manufactured by Fiberbond who is continuing its forty year tradition as the leader in development, design and manufacturing of polyester filtration media. Its quality control, chemical and filter test laboratories assure consistent quality and performance. Available in MERV 6 or MERV 7.

This media is used with our Filter Pad Holding Frames

Polyester filter media is desiged to pair with our filter holding frames. Because frames are permanent, they save you money and produce less waste.

Depth Loading

The airlaid principle of Fiberbond polyester filter media is to randomly disperse fibers in all directions throughout the web. This forms a uniform media of high strength and durability. A high volume of contaminants can be trapped within the complete depth of fiber.

FP Series of Tackified Media

The FP 50, FP 100 and FP200 media have a uniform coating of tackifier on all fibers in the blue air leaving side of the media. Dirt trapped in the media is held tight by the tackifier. The takifier cannot migrate since it is part of the fiber spray bonding process during manufacturing of the filter media.

Filtration to Meet Your Needs

polyester filter chart