Extended Surface G8 Cube Filters

Extended Surface G8 Cube Filters

Star-Shaped G8 Cube

The GB cube's tapered design provides
100% media utilization in a 15-inch depth. Its 9-gauge internal grid locks the filter in place, preventing bypass of unfiltered air.

2-Pocket G8 440 Cube

The G8 440 2-pocket cube offers
extended surface area which reduces initial
resistance and increases service life. The
internal grid and extended media seal the
filter tightly into holding frames.

3-Pocket 660 Cube

The GB 660 design delivers increased
dust-holding where there are high
concentrations of particulate.

G8 30-HC

The 12" deep multi-pocket filter is designed
with heat-sealed pocket edges and internal
dividing bars. It delivers exceptionally high
dust-holding and extended service life.

Dual-Ply Media Delivers Increased Service Life

Poly Shield G8 extended surface filters combine the advantages of dual-ply, polyester media with filter designs that are configured to provide high dust-holding capacity. Customers will benefit from fewer filter change-outs resulting in reduced replacement cost, decreased labor expense and lower rates of disposal.

Four styles of extended surface G8 cube filters offer true depth-loading and long service life. All are manufactured from dual-ply Poly Shield G8 media containing a non-drying, non-migratory composite adhesive.