Air Intake Filters for HVAC Cooling Towers

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Intake Filter

PreVent® Custom Commercial Air Intake Filter

Airflow obstructions, debris and dirt buildup will impact equipment which means energy efficiency decrease, heat buildup, higher discharge pressure, increased amp draw and motor strain. A proactive approach, like installing air intake filtration, helps deliver consistent high level performance.

The durable PreVent® filter can be used indoors or outdoors, year-round, and is easily mounted on equipment. Maintenance is simplified as debris can be brushed off with a broom, without any system down time or messy chemical cleaning.
PreVent Intake Filter Velcro Edge
Velcro Edges

Air Intake Filter Installed
Installed Intake Filters

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Broom Clean Up

Easy to Clean With a Broom

The nominal cost of the air intake filters and ease of installation, make it a great product. Equipment with air intake filtration will require less time consuming cleaning and equipment downtime.

Simplify Maintenance

Routine cleaning of the cooling towers filter face will be done when each system cycles off, since they rotate between three cooling tower units, depending on heat load. Annual cooling tower cleaning also includes manual cleaning of the water basin and mandatory equipment shut-down for the duration of the cleaning one time per year. Contaminants left in the basin promote bacteria and algae growth, increasing the need for chemical treatments, which ultimately reduce the basin life. Basin cleaning is simpler with the PreVent ® air intake filter because the messy solid contaminants were kept out of the system to begin with. For more information on how equipment protection filters can simplify your maintenance routine and keep equipment running at optimal efficiencies, contact us at 1-800-699-0747.


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