Poly Shield G8 Panel Filter

PolyShield G8 Panel Filters and Links

Simply, The Best Choice!

Poly Shield G8 is an excellent pre-filter choice. It extends the life of the final filter by capturing large particulate while the final filer removes smaller particles. Poly Shield G8 also works as a stand alone in single systems.

Advantage of Depth-Loading

Its MERV 8 performance utilizes a depth-loading principle, giving it longer service life in any HVAC system. Filter bypass is eliminated due to the tight fit the salvage edges provide.

A coarse air entering layer, combined with dual-ply composite adhesive coated media, provides progressive depth-loading of contaminants.

 An internal support grid with cross wires secures the panel in place, preventing fluttering and dirt bypass. The air leaving side, green in color, contains a non-drying, non-migratory composite adhesive coating the downstream fibers.

Poly Shield Dust Loading Chart 

poly g8 panel particle removal

poly g8 panel particle removal @ 492 fpm

 Filter Media: Polyester
Initial Resistance: 0.20” w.g. at 295 fpm / 0.41” w.g. at 492 fpm
Flammability: UL 900 Classified
Performance: MERV 8 in accordance with test method ASHRAE 52.2-2012 (M)
Dust Holding Capacity: 211 grams @ 295 fpm / 150 grams @ 492 fpm
Recommended Final Resistance: 1.0” w.g.
Maximum Operating Temperature: 200° F