Poly Shield XI 3-Ply Panel Filter

poly shield XI panel filter

Panel Specifications Panel shall be a distinct 3-ply design comprised of polyester fibers. The air leaving side shall be purple in color and contain a non-migratory, non-drying, Dustlok composite adhesive coating all downstream fibers.

An internal 9-gauge support grid with up to two cross wires seals the panel in place, preventing fluttering and dirt bypass. Media shall contain Spor-Ax antimicrobial which effectively controls microbial growth on the filter, media.

One panel delivers 3-stages of filtration. First stage designed for depth-loading; second stage captures particulate and keeps it from filtering through the media; third stage, Dustlok composite adhesive, absorbs particles and continuously renews its effectiveness.

Media shall be MERV 11 in accordance with ASHRAE 52.2-2012.

Filter Media: Polyester
Initial Resistance: 0.45" w.g. at 492 fpm
Flammability: UL 900 Classified
Performance: MERV 11
Recommended Final Resistance: 1.0" w.g.
Maximum Operating Temperature: 200°F
Panel test results in accordance with internal Fiber Bond test method ASHRAE 52.2-2012 (M). Fiber Bond has a policy of continuous improvement and reserves the right to alter design and specifications without notice.

Resistance vs Air Flow
polyshield airflow

Initial Particle Removal Efficiency
particle removal efficiency