Poly Shield G8 Filter Media

Poly Shield G8 Filter Media

Extended Service Life

Our manufacturing process provides Poly Shield G8 media with exceptional depth-loading capabilities which extend the media’s service life.

Energy-Efficient Resistance

Poly Shield G8 combines low initial resistance, 0.19” w.g. @ 295 fpm with high dust-holding capacity and a non-drying, non-migratory composite adhesive in a durable, dual-density MERV 8 polyester media.

Perfect For Customers Who Demand Performance & Value

Poly Shield G8 media delivers workhorse performance, as well as high-quality and long service life. Poly Shield G8 meets new construction phase requirements for LEED certification program.

poly shield air flow @ 295 fpm

 poly shield filter efficiency

Filter Media: Polyester
Initial Resistance: 0.19” w.g. at 295 fpm
Flammability: UL 900 Classified
Performance: MERV 8 in accordance with ASHRAE 52.2-2012
Dust Holding Capacity: 186 grams
Recommended Final Resistance: 1.0” w.g.
Maximum Operating Temperature: 200° F