CDC Anti-Clog Block

CDC Anti-Clog Block

For use wherever air conditioning or refrigeration is used

Used regularly, the  CDC Anti-Clog block is the ideal antidote for unwanted slime and bacteria growth. Anti-Clog® Blocks are designed for use in air conditioning units and low profile units where clearance is at a minimum. The Anti-Clog Block provides inexpensive health protection as well as preventative maintenance of your HVAC system.

How does the Anti-Clog® Block work?

CDC BlockAnti-Clog® Block is a biocide (quaternary ammonium) tablet enclosed in a plastic housing. Ultrasonically sealed to the housing is a white filter pad. Water is absorbed by the filter pad and "wicked" to the tablet.

The release of the powerful biocide is initiated as the water begins dissolving the tablet. The filter pad controls the release of biocide resulting in a 3 month service life in even the hottest and most humid climates! 

The Anti-Clog® Block works either horizontally or vertically at angles up to 60°, without compromising performance.

When is the best time to install the Anti-Clog® Block?


Initial Placement: Install the Anti-Clog® Block during pre-season maintenance programs prior to system start up. Follow-up Maintenance: Replace the Anti-Clog® Block every 3 months for the duration of the cooling season.

Following these recommended usage program will protect buildings from:

  1. Drain pan overflow resulting in costly flood damage.
  2. The spread of harmful bacteria bred in drain pans

Why is the Anti-Clog® Block a superior product?

  •  It contains the highest amount of active biocide of ANY product on the market!
  • It is the ONLY product on the market permitted by the EPA to make Legionnaire's Disease Bacteria (LDB) kill claim!
  • The filter pad meters a consistent biocide release for a 3 month service life!
  • It's safe to use, sealed, tamperproof housing prevents contact with biocide!
  • Controls slime build-up that can cause costly drain pan overflows.
  • Controls musty odors introduced into the air handling units as a result of bacterial slime accumulations.
  • It is EPA registered!
  • pH neutralizers protect pan from corrosion.
  • Quality engineered not to clog a drain hole.
  • Easy to install in just about any cooling equipment. Simply place the sealed tamperproof housing under cooling coils in the middle of the pan.
  • Works immediately upon water contact.