Aprilaire Filter

Aprilaire Filter Spacegard

Our BestAir PRO MERV 11 Whole House Media Elements are designed to replace existing media elements used in SpaceGuard AprilAire and Lennox Brand Residential Whole House Media Air Cleaners.

Improved Design

When installing the spacers into the media element, the media pack must have even pleat separation for proper finger insertion. This is essential to not only make installation easier, but to also prevent tears and pinholes in the media from forcing the fingers into an uneven area.

To create even separation, OEM filters drill holes in the media and insert a rope or string to assist in expanding the media pack. Air flow operates on the same principles as water and takes the least path of resistance. Holes in the media pack instantly create breach points for unfiltered air to pass through the filter.

To improve on this design, the BestAir PRO MERV 11 Whole House Media Elements use a glue bead separator located on the outer perimeter of each pleat.

High Efficiency

In addition to the improved AprilAire design, the filtration efficiency has also been improved. The MERV 11 media element is the first ASHRAE 52.2 rated MERV filter to remove more than 65% of particles from 1 to 3 microns in size.

Mechanical Efficiency

Filtration medias installed for prolonged periods of time have been shown to have a lower filtration efficiency over time if a static electric charge has been applied to the media. The BestAir PRO MERV 11 media elements use mechanical filtration to maintain their efficiency throughout the life of this AprilAire replacement filter.


Our Part #


OEM Replacement Models



Aprilaire® or Spacegard®
24 7/8 x 6
Space-Gard® 2200, 2250; Bryant® 902B; Lennox® PMAC-20C
27 1/8 x 6
Space-Gard® 2400, Lennox® PMAC-12C (X0577)

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OEM Brand Media Element

To create equal spacing for pleat finger replacement, holes are drilled in the media for the rope to enter, The manufacturing of these holes leaves loose fibers which migrate downstream during operation, Since air takes the least path of resistance, unfiltered air passes through these holes contaminating the HVAC system and occupants.

BestAir PRO MERV 11 Media Element

BestAir PRO recognized the flaws of the AprilAire OEM models and eliminated the need for holes by building a one-of-a-kind, state of the art manufacturing line. During the pleating process a glue bead is applied to the outer edge of each pleat on the outer perimeter. This glue bead creates a stable media pack when expanded with clean pleat spacing for finger replacement. The use of an adhesive completely eliminates any of the operating issues associated with drilled media packs.