Exhaust Collection Media

EP Overspray Media

E.P. Overspray Collection Media

  • SprayMax for general purpose use.
  • E.P. Red for high volume painting use.

E.P. media offers higher efficiency, high paint holding capacity, and high strength & moisture resistance. Available in pads, rolls or prefed blankets.

EP Collection Bag

E.P. Extended Surface Collection Bags

  • SprayMax and E.P. Red media.
  • Internal 9 gauge perimeter grid seals the bag in place.
  • The two pockets 15" depth reduces media velocity by a factor of four over flat collection media.

Used as a single source filter or as a secondary filter downstream of collection pads or blankets

EP GXP Bag Filter

E.P. GXP Specialty Collection Bag

  • Primary use is powder paint collection in non-recovery booths.
  • When loaded, the bag can be shaken to remove collected powder.
  • E.P. GXP bags can be re-used several times.

EPA Two Stage Filter

EPA 319 Two Stage System

  • The E.P. GXG two pocket bag meets all EPA 319 requirements as well as all Aerospace NESHAP efficiency requirements.
  • Shown is E.P. Red as a pre-filter pad.
  • SprayMax pads or blankets can also be used as a pre-filter collection media.

EPA Three Stage Filter

EPA 319 Three Stage System

  • The UltraStop six pocket bag exceeds all EPA 319 requirements for ne facilities.
  • UltraStop meets all Aerospace NESHAP filtration requirements and has been tested to be 99.95% efficient on chromate containing paint.
  • Shown is a 3 stage system of E.P. Red media, SprayMax two pocket bag and the final primary UltraStop Bag.

The best finishing industry filters come from the best media!

spraymax sideview
SprayMax Collection Media
ep red media
E.P. RED Collection Media
dfm ceiling media
DFM Ceiling Media