Panel Link Filter Installation


A common problem with conventional cardboard-framed filters is by-passing of unfiltered air and dirt between the filter and the supporting frame.

Our panel filters solve this problem with a positive self-sealing edge. The overlapping media is furled against the frame, acting as a gasket, by the sturdy ring in a snug compression fit. Air must go through the filter itself; there are no gaps at the edge through which air (and dirt) can find a bypass route

 Side Access Panel Filter Installation

Link Panel Filter Installation

How to install Panel Links:

Grasp the first panel of the link, fold the top and bottom edge toward the upstream direction of track. Insert the first panel into the track and pull the link by using the first panel while aligning each subsequent panel as they are inserted. If access is not possible from the both sides, use a pole or rod to push the leading panel down the track.