Micro Shield 4V V Cell Filter

The Micro Shield 4V V Cell Filter is a high efficiency air filter. Our V Cell filter utilizes a technologically advanced media that incorporates a dual-layer, gradient density fiber structure that results in exceptionally low airflow resistance, reducing both energy and operating costs.

Available in MERV 15 and MERV 16. The Micro Shield 4V mini-pleat design incorporates 130 square feet of high efficiency media within a 24x24x12 molded high impact plastic frame.


  • Final recommended resistance 1.5" W.G.
  • Rated velocity 500 FPM, max 650 FPM
  • Maximum operating temperature: 160°F
  • Rated for flamability per UL 900
  • Test Report Data
microshield4v cutsheet
micro shield 4v