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The Fiberbond I.S. panel is an even higher-grade intake panel designed to remove over 95% of dust particles that are harmful to finishes; making it a great choice for the highest quality finishes.

This panel has two distinct media layers, the second with a progressive density, and an aggressive non-drying yet non-migrating adhesive. The panel is green (air leaving side) and white with a nominal thickness of 1 1/2 inches. The panel is Class 2 listed by Underwriters Laboratories.

Fiberbond panels remove better than 90% of 10+ micron particles. In addition, the I.S. panel removes over 85% of 5+ micron particles.

i s panel efficiency

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ALERT! New EPA Regulation

A new national standard now requires all shops that spray coatings containing a targeted hazardous air pollutant (HAP) to conduct spray operations in a booth outfitted with an exhaust filter with a removal efficiency of 98% or greater. Work with your paint booth manufacturer or filter supplier to select the right filter for your shop's filtration needs. More EPA information.